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When you sign up with us as a Diamond Divas Representative you will receive -
    • 25% commission on all sales plus earn money from your team 
    • Weekly pay on all commission earned over £10
    • Access to your own back office
    • Your own unique website and recruitment link
    • No quotas or pressure 
    • Personal and team incentive prizes

If you would like to join us and become an affiliate for Diamond Divas Boutique Limited all you need to do is click on the JOIN US link below, select Sign Up and fill out your details.



Terms of Agreement

By using the terms "I", "we" or "our" we are referring to the Managing Director of Diamond Divas Boutique Limited. 

The terms of this agreement shall become effective upon the acceptance of the distributor application (activating a Post Affiliate Pro account) 

You can terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason, without written notice. You have no authority to make or accept any offer on behalf of Diamond Divas Boutique Limited.

Compliance with Agreement

Diamond Divas Boutique Limited has the right to terminate the account of anyone they feel has breached this agreement without notice. 

Payments of Commissions

i) 25% commission on sales you achieve will be paid weekly, on a Friday via your choice of either bank transfer for UK or PayPal.

ii) Payments will be made out to anyone that's earned over £10 commission in total that week - if you haven't earned £10 or over your commission will be rolled over to the following week.

iii) You will also receive commission on your team's sales providing you have exceeded the minimum £10 individual commission target during the period. The down line commissions are 5% direct down line, 3% 2nd generation down line, 2% 3rd generation and 1% 4th generation down line.

iv) All sign up commission count as your own individual commission and count towards your weekly commissions’ target.

v) Diamond Divas Boutique Limited reserves the right to change your payment method and timescales at any time giving one weeks’ notice. If your account is terminated by Diamond Divas Boutique Limited as a result of breach of contract then you will not be paid any commission owed.

Calculations of Commissions

All sales commissions are calculated via your back office system. This system tracks all sales and commissions and distributor sign ups. 

Distributor Responsibilities

i) Whilst we fully appreciate that it is within your personal right to sign up and distribute for other multi level marketing companies, we do not allow our distributors to tender or recruit any additional Diamond Divas Boutique Limited distributors in to any other multi level marketing companies whilst you are a distributor for us and up to 6 months after you/we terminate your account with Diamond Divas Boutique Limited. Anyone found to be doing so will be charged £1000 per distributor.

ii) We do not condone nor tolerate any antisocial behaviour towards any member of this company or our customers. Any reports of such behaviour will be investigated by the management team and could result in your account and distributing rights with Diamond Divas Boutique Limited being terminated and depending on severity, legal action may be commenced against you. 

iii) Distributors must not knowingly steal other distributor's leads, teams or comment on any other distributor's social media posts in regards to recruiting. This will be considered breach of contract and your account will be removed immediately without notice.

iv) You as a distributor for Diamond Divas Boutique Limited are subcontracted on a self employed basis therefore you are responsible for paying your own taxes and national insurance contributions. Diamond Divas Boutique Limited does not accept any responsibility for declaring your earnings to HMRC. 

Prices and Suppliers

We reserve the right to adjust prices as we see fit without prior warning. We also reserve the right to change stock and suppliers again without prior warning. Those who have placed orders before said changes will be charged the price originally paid and receive the stock they have ordered in line with our delivery terms. 


All data including personal data obtained by Diamond Diva Boutique Limited is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998. No data will be passed to any other parties and this data will only be available to view by the Diamond Divas Boutique Limited management team. You are permitted to view all data held about yourself at any time 

All representatives are responsible for their own tax and national insurance contributions as you are registered on a self-employed basis.